Batch renamer ( bren )
Current version is 0.4.a.

This software is a GUI/console tool for batch renaming, using user defined templates, which can contain special tags to add file Creation/Modification/Last Access Date/Time, Exif tag information from picture files and mpeg/Id3 information from mp3 music files. bren is planned as a crossplatform and it is written using the crossplatform GUI framework - wxWidgets. It uses two additional libraries: libexif and mplib This project is started at and the first tarball of source is released in 18.09.2004.

Implemented features:

  1. Batch method selection:
    Rename/Copy to
    Rename/Move to
    Rename/Move to the same
    Rename/Copy to the same
  2. Case Sensitivity changing:
    File name and/or extention can be changed to lower or upper case.
  3. File name and extention template definition using symbols:
    * - original file name
    # - numbering (start/step)
    @ - random letter
    % - random numeric symbol
  4. File name template definition using DateTime/Exif/ID3 tags (see README.txt for more details)
  5. Definition of symbols or/and symbol duplicates which must be removed.
  6. Replacement rules, using symbol to symbol replacements or string to string replacements.
  7. bren is able to add multiple source files at once, to add directory content or directory content recursivly, using defined filemasks.
  8. bren is able to produce a log file for all operations which were made automatically or by user request.
  9. bren is able to save and restore the configuration.

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Maintainer of the project is Eriks Zelenka ( isindir at ) Logo wxWidgets Logo